About Us


AT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF SOUTH ORANGE, WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF REGULAR PEOPLE CHANGED BY AN AMAZING GOD. This change started by someone pointing the way to God in our lives. Now we live pointing the way to others. Inside our walls and even more outside them, we are driven by the good news of Jesus Christ that makes us His children and wraps us in the richness of His love. We are driven to point the way.

After 128 years as a church, we’re more grateful to God than ever for the providence and vision that He’s continually given us over many seasons of growth and development.


As we build on our rich history and look with hope and excitement to the future, our focus is on pointing the way to Jesus and being a catalyst for you and your family to:





No matter who you are or where you’ve been, our prayer is that First Baptist Church of South Orange be a place where you encounter the real love of God and feel called to follow Christ. Subsequently, we know how important it is to be surrounded with a community of believers pursuing Christ alongside you. Our focus includes creating practical opportunities for you and others to grow together through small groups, classes, and Bible studies. Ultimately, our hope is that through pursuing God and engaging in authentic community, you would be compelled to utilize the calling on your life to impact the world for God.